ALBA is the Spanish 3rd generation synchrotron light source and constitutes the largest scientific infrastructure in the country. The facility consists of the accelerator systems providing 3 GeV electron beam and several experimental beamlines, with photon energies currently ranging from infrared up to hard X-rays of tens of keVs. Different synchrotron radiation techniques are available including diffraction, spectroscopies and imaging.

In operation since 2012, the ALBA Synchrotron has currently eight beamlines where experiments are performed in different scientific fields: physics, chemistry, life sciences, materials science, cultural heritage, biology, nanotechnology,... Three new beamlines are under construction and will be ready for users in 2020.

This scientific infrastructure delivers 5.000 hours per beamline per year and is available for the academic and the industrial sector providing service to more than 1.300 researchers every year.

Located 20 km from the city of Barcelona, ALBA pro­vides the Spanish scientific and industrial community an in­valuable tool for science and innovation and has already become one of the flagship elements of Span­ish science and technology landscape.