Partner Initiatives

The European Synchrotron and FEL user organisation (ESUO) represents about 30.000 users of the European synchrotrons and FEL light sources. At present 29 European countries (including Turkey and Israel) are ESUO members and are represented by delegates. The general missions of ESUO are to coordinate the synchrotron and FEL radiation user activities in Europe and to provide support to the users in order to get access to synchrotron and FEL beamlines in Europe.

CALIPSOplus is a new Horizon2020 proposal for a follow-up of CALIPSO which ended in May 2015. CALIPSO coordinates the European synchrotrons and FELs, including the three ESFRI roadmap projects European XFEL, EuroFEL and the ESRF Upgrade Programme, towards a fully integrated network. The consortium is characterised by common objectives, harmonised decisions, transnational open access based on excellence and joint development of new instruments. Innovative networking initiatives address user friendliness and a strengthened industrial interaction.

The ERF-AISBL Association has the not-for-profit purpose to promote the cooperation and the projects between european-level research infrastructures which are open, at international level, to external researchers. These Infrastructures include national infrastructures as well as european networks and consortia of research infrastructures.

FELS OF EUROPE is a collaboration of all free electron laser (FEL) facilities in Europe, with the goal to meet the technological and scientific challenges of these novel and rapidly developing technologies and to provide a worldwide unique, pan-European research infrastructure that enables exploiting the full scientific potential of these unique accelerator based short-pulse light sources. The collaboration is an initiative of the ESFRI projects EuroFEL and European XFEL and includes 14 facilities in 10 countries. is the result of collaboration between communicators from light source facilities around the world. This site is a regularly updated global resource, providing information and updates about light sources, and opportunities for international collaboration.

The portal has been developed within previously EC funded FP7 project CALIPSO, and has become the reference website for the 30.000 user community of all European synchrotrons and free electron lasers. The portal presents standardized technical datasheets of all European beamlines and offers a standardized proposal format as a pilot. It also includes a section dedicated to the European Synchrotron and FEL User Organisation (ESUO,, and will be further developed under the Horizon 2020 CALIPSOplus project.